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Sonoff TX and Google assistant problem

Hi, I have all types of sonoff for long time ago, but recently my sonoff TX-3 with two gangs it doesn't work with Google assistant. I prove all that I can, clear the account from Google home, upgrade the firmware to the 3.4.0 version with no results. When I try to turn on Google home says that can't connect with the device. Can somebody tell what can I do??? Thanks

Hi, finally I solved deleting from ewelink app en re add an it's works again. Tray it with Alexa, may be is the same problem.

Hello, I have the same issue with the Sonoff Smart switch 1,2,3 gangs, but I use with Amazon Alexa, The divices can works in Lan mode, but not remotly or with Alexa assitant, if you found a solution please post here.


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