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Sonoff Switch TX t0 not working


I will briefly tell my story and hopefully someone will help me!

I bought 4 sonoff TX T0 of different types, because I'm moving! I installed the sonoffs 4 months ago on power, but not on the network because I haven't hired any internet companies yet.

In the past, the light switched on and off normally with just the touch of the switch. Now 2 of them don't answer my commands anymore, they don't turn anything on, when they turn on, they don't turn off. I made a video on youtube for you to understand, hopefully there is a solution.


(2.87 MB)

Estou com o mesmo problema, e vi que várias pessoas estão com esse problema. Conseguiu resolver?

Vish cara.... alguns voltou a funcionar normal quando configurei a internet aqui de casa! Mas 2 tive que comprar outro...

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