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Sonoff DIY mini server blocks Iranian IP

Hello everybody, I tested a Sonoff DIY mini in Germany and it was great. Then bought 5 more for my house in Iran but I couldn’t add them to my eWeLink app, during pairing process after entering my wifi credentials, blue indicator quickly flashes twice per second, which means my device has connected to Wi-Fi but failed to connect to the server. Then I tried to setup a VPN client on my wifi router in order to change my ip to European ip and it works fine. So I believe the server is blocking my ip from Iran. Since the VPN solution is not reliable for my need: 0. Would you please don not block ips from Iran? 1. Is there any way to setup any kind of proxy on Sonoff DIY mini? 2. Is there any way to change the target server ip on Sonoff DIY mini in order to setup proxy by myself? Regards

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I think I have similar issue of sonoff mini diy not able to pair with eWeLink app when using BSNL fiber optic internet connection in India. But the sonoff mini diy switch pairs readily when a temporary WiFi hotspot in iPad is created with another ISP. How can this be troubleshooted?
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