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Function for On/Off repeatedly

Hi all

may someone can help me... 

I am searching for a solution for following issue.

We have a garden watering system installed. Whenever the pump gets power, it runs for 60 sec. After that, the pump starts after 24h again (default programming by the manufacturer of the watering system). 

Nevertheless on hot days it is not sufficent and the plants wither on the vine.  Therefore I installed a Sonoff Basic to controll the amount of water a bit better. It waters twice a day (based on my settings for the Sonoff basics).

However sometimes I need to intense the watering  and I have to do the following:

Tap "ON"

Wait for 65sec

Tap "OFF"

Wait for 10sec

Tap "ON"

Wait for 65sec

...and so on

I would like to programm a scene with would do the same above (up to 7 times in a row). I did it with the timer but more for the regualar watering (up to two times per day). 
Any ideas how to program the Sonoff Basic? IFTT?

Thanks for your support!

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