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Do not upgrade Sonoff RF Bridge 433 firmware to version 3.4.0

On version 3.4.0 Sonoff RF Bridge 433 goes offline after receiving 250 RF codes (same or different), only resetting the device power helps to return it to online.

Does anyone have a 3.3.0 firmware file?

4 people have this problem

My problem is simular but after upgrade to version 3.4.0 the RF control stop working. The SONOFF receives the signal (RF channel) and activates and deactivates the relay in 1sec and in the previous firmware version it was ok.

I have the same problem with my RF BRIDGE 433 and I tested the solution that I found but it's don't resolve the issue.

Can you help me?

Have you tried 3.4.1? Since I upgraded my RF bridge to 3.4.1, this annoying behaviour stopped and the unit has remained online since.
I can't update my device, it have current version 2.7.0 and I want update to version 3.4.1. I hope do you can help me
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