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PIR2 to triger alexa routine


I have purchased the Sonoff bridge and PIR2 sensors.

I manage to add the bridge to eWelink and then to add the PIR2 sensor to the bridge within the eWelink app.

The PIR2 sensor is discovered in Alexa but as "other" and will not allow me to trigger any routine on Alexa. Basically it shows in Alexa but is useless.

Is there a way to detect the PIR2 sensor as a motion sensor in Alexa?


rf bridge/pir2 is not compatible with alexa but worst is that the bridge is not compatibile with IFTTT. 

This is very strange and I'm very disappointed for that. 

The only way to join with sensors is via ewelink app, but if you want to send an email (or any other signal) when sensor trigger, simply you can't.

As a workaround, I've tried to reroute a sensor to a 4CH Pro R2, which is compatible with IFTTT. When press the button on 4CH, I receive the alert email. When pir2 sensor set 4CH state (via ewelink), no email is triggered.
There are a lot of users asking for these questions, and no answer by itead support.
Sensors support is too much important for home automation. I don't understand.



They get away saying it is compatible with Alexa as it shows in Alexa even though it is useless and can't be used for anything. Cheap products for a reason I guess
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