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Upgrade firm to 3.5 now house lights wont stop flashing

Hi all I have loads of sonoff mini installed controlling the house lights. Yesterday I update ewelink and then updated all firmware on the mini from 3.4.0 to 3.5.0. All went well apart from 1 which every second or less turns the hall lights on then just as quickly turns them back off constantly. I had one spare so I removed the Mini that was constantly flashing the lights on and off and replaced it. Then I upgraded the firmware to 3.5.0 and now that one is constantly flashing. Has anyone else had this??? Any ideas for a fix??? Is there anyway I can re-flash with 3.5.0 incase it didn't flash properly? ?? Is there away to put 3.4.0 back on it???

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I tried everything after installing version 3.5.1: I deleted the devices and installed again, tried 1 way and 2 way, but the lights keep flashing. I noticed that it blinks more when I turn on the electric shower.

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