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Sonoff 5V - magnetic sensor


I have Sonoff 5V with flashed FW to HAA (to work with Apple HomeKit) and use to open/close garage door. Works well :) However, I would like to solder a magnetic sensor, so it also does know when the door is open and when it's closed. Can you please advice me, where to solder the contact?


Thanks a lot,


Hi Jakub, 

If you have found a solution to your question, I would be really interested in that I'd like to add a magnetic sensor to a SONOFF as well. In my case it would be to add a water flow sensor. 

I am new to this and have yet to learn how to flash a SONOFF. Any help is very welcomed.  

Kind Regards 



well, I didn't. However, I have some clues, of how to do it, but haven't tested it yet. I have found out, that it should be ok, to connect the sensor to GPIO 14 (see the attached picture, I have found, where the GPIO is located).

So I haven't tested it yet, but it might work.

Good luck with that,



Thank you Jakub. Hopefully I'll find a solution and I will reach out again if I do !

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