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Remote controlling my sauna

Hello, I have an electric sauna at my home, which is controlled by a Kastor CC50 panel. The manual says "The heater can be remote-controlled using an impulse switch connected parallel to the On/Off switch. Connect the remote control to the CC control panel between terminals 19 and 20. Additionally, an indicator lamp may be wired to the system to indicate when the heater is on. The 12VDC lamp is connected between terminals 19 and 21." What Sonoff device should I use for controlling this sauna via the internet, and how should I set it up? Kind regards, Oliver
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You could use the Sonoff SV, but removing the 2 zero ohm resistors as explained in the instructions in order to isolate the relay. You would need to see how to power the Sonoff card, but it the light is 12v you  would be able to pull 12V out from somewhere there. Then connect the relay in paralel with the on/off switch.

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