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Bridge Notifications after 3.4.0 Update

I just received a dual frequency (315/433) bridge and when I paired it shows firmware update 3.4.0 was available so I updated. 

When I paired the RF alarms, and PIRs I noticed that notifications just mention the name of the bride alarmed not the specific sensor that caused the alarm.

Also with this one I could not add more than 4 sensors (like months ago) in other updates.

However my old Sonoff bridge still sents the notification showing the bridge and the sensor who causes the alarm (still on firmware 3.3.0) and also I can still add more than 4 sensors. So my plan is not to update until I understand if is related with the 3.4.0 firmware of if a specific detail of this new bridge (EACHEN brand) comptible with Sonoff/eWelink

Does any one has the same issues?


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Could you please backup your old Sonoff bridge 3.3.0 firmware and share this file?

How can I backuo the old Sonoff bridge firmware?

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Hi Manuel,

A good explanation can be found here :

Hi Manuel,

a good explanation can be found here:

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