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New Sonoff 4CH can't connect to WIFI after pairing

Hello! i have a problem.

I bought a new Sonoff 4ch.

I pair it in ewelink app just fine. the app ask me to update the firmware.

I update it and the device reboot and connect again in 20 seconds. everything work like a charm!

Now begin the problems...

i disconnect the device and install it in the place who will be. I install all the cables in the channels and power up the device again.

Thats it.. never connect again. i have 1 blink every two sec. i haven't change anything! nothing! same router, same ip, same ssid, same pass etc.

I try dome troubleshooting i read online.

1. Try to pair again -> pair in the app and never connect

2. try to pair with smartphone hotspot (to delete and pair again) -> but never connect to hotspot

3. try to disable the wifi pass -> never connect

4. try to pair it with open wifi -> pair and never connect

5. bind the mac to ip inside router -> never connect

6. try another router with different ssid -> paired but never connect

7. try another router with the same ssid -> paired but never connect

8. try again my main router after restarting -> never connect

9. try to not allow my phone to auto join my wifi and pairing again -> dont pair

I am very disappointed :(((

Im ready to throw it in the garbage. I try now for 9 hour im in the edge of a breakdown.

PLEASE advise!  

Thanks a lot for your patient and sorry for my English.

Have you moved it far from the router?

No, actually i moved it next to the router

Just try to leave it 12 hours disconnected from main power, and still nothing!

Just try with a different phone and account... paired but not connect to router 


I threw it in the trash!!!

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