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Weird WiFi Issue with Sonoff T1

I've got five Sonoff T1 switches (4x 1 gang and 1x 3 gang)

They have been reprogrammed with a C app via Arduino, although I do get exactly the same issue with Tasmota.

The work great with my Netgear R7000P access point.

I have just replaced the access point with a TP-Link EAP225 and now i have issues connecting to the network.

When I power up/reboot the Sonoff T1s they show up in the TP-Link Omada Controller app, but don't get an IP address or have any speed listed in Rate column - so they are recognised, but don't actually connect.

Now for the weird bit.

If i take the front panel out of the switch and power it up (3.3v PSU) they connect straight away without issue. If I put the switch back together again i get the same problem back again - even if the whole unit is only a few feet from the access point.

I've tried adjusting settings in the new access point (even turning off the 5GHz network), but no change.

So, in summary:

1. Sonoff T1 connects ok to a Netgear R7000P access point

2. It doesn't connect to a TP-Link EAP225, unless the front panel is removed from the base and powered by an external 3.3v PSU.

Has anyone had a similar issue and is it fixable?



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