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SONOFF TOUCH TX2C turn on by itself


I have 3pcs of Sonoff Touch TX2C switches, and few TX1c also but I have problem only with TX2C, they randomly turns on by itself, sometime during night!

With TX1C switches I do not have such problem, everything is ok, but all my 3 pieces of TX2C have this problem that they can turn on by itself, its not often, usually its 2-4 times per week, have latest firmware.

How can I fix this? wifi router is very close to each switch

Thanks in advance

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Same issue with several T1, double and triple gang... 

Beeps, pause, 2 beeps, goes ofline.. after a while returns back online...

Randomly turns on...

Is terrible..

I expected TX version do not have this issue...

I disconnected them from the Internet and problem still occur :(

please fix this!

I have the same problem, my sonoff t3 is turning on the gang 2, i donw know what to do, my version is 3.4.1.

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