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SonOFF touch switches BAD! Customer support refuse to help!!!

 hi there. my name is yara. please i need expert technical support help! because i am not getting any help from customer service via Aliexpress messaging board.

i have been providing video proofs for almost two months now... and the person (or persons) answering me do not want to believe my videos!

i purchased 17 sonoff switches total. my electrician installed them in my new apartment and 4 pieces few weeks later went bad.

the touch panel stopped working!

i opened them, checked the wires, i also tried inserting the plastic piece in between as customer service told me but nothing worked.

i sent them images of the boards of each one made video breaking them and sonoff sent me replacements for them, 4 units.

now i have 4 more units bad. same problem, touch doesnt work. i have tried the above troubleshooting but nothing works. i can press and hold and hear beep to program but it wont find, the wifi light will not blink in many of them.

i told customer service again, sent them new videos but the person responding me is being an as* and doesnt want to believe me!

the new units are working fine, they sent me the new version since they did not have the old versions anymore. honestly i prefer the old versions, since my apartment now looks damn ugly with different models of switches.

at this point i dont care which model you send me, i just want the switches to work as i dont have many lights working.

either fix them under warranty or i can send them all back to you and you can refund me all! i am tired of providing videos, i have also provided my skype, wechat, telegram and whatsapp for them, so we can chat in more real time  but technician refused.


here are the videos on youtube, you  can use vpn in case your country blocks... or you can have this link to my google drive

i can make you videos of the replacements you sent me, these have been working so far.

youtube links:

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helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... any tech support here reading these???

tech support doesnt do anything! i have opened a ticket since the aliexpress rep wasnt helping much.

i need a second opinion!

they think i lie... because i had 4 units going bad... then sent 4 replacements and then after 5 units went bad!

i proved with video but they rep doesnt believe me!!!

very bad customer service!



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