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zigbee and Google Home

This is a necessity!!

I have Google home, 8 sonoff basic, 5 Sonoff RF, 3 sonoff th10/16, and now want to expand into 6 more rooms.. with zigbee devices, be course of heavy loads on routers and wifi.  I also need RF compatibility together with Zigbee, be course I combined with Google Home and EweLink, uses RF switches generally.

Why I use RF? many of the rooms in this house uses an old RF system already, so there are not 230V in the switches I have. But it is old, worn out you can't buy new switches and so on..

Another smart thing would be 12V zigbee devices for outdoor 12 lamps so they can be turned on independently. Also IR motion detector "things" both 230V and 12 V would be greatly appreciated :))

I have no intentions in buying any Amazon Alexis devices ever !

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