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D1 switches on its own

My D1 Dimmer Module, controlled by Android app eweLink, switches on its own - apart from the timers set in the app. I already reinstalled and paired the D1 module without success.

Pairing had be difficult, too. My 9th attempt in Quick Pairing mode was successful, but did not solve the problem of randomly switching.

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Sorry Lewrobert, I dont think there is a solution without using an RF remote.

There are two entirely separate circuits inside, one for wifi that responds to the app, and one for RF that responds to the remote control. The fault is definitely in the RF side. Without a remote, you wont be able to pair it often enough to overcome the fault in the initialisation. 

Your best bet is to buy one - about $5 from AliExpress, or I will offer to pair to one of my remotes to resolve the problem for free (would cost postage to a UK address for the dimmer,  if thats cheaper).

Out of interest, which toy/remote does your son have? That might help my investigation further. Does it actually pair (i.e. does the dimmer beep if you hold down a button on the remote within 5 seconds of turning the dimmer on) or does it just randomly influence the dimmer?

Sorry to hear that I need to buy RF to solve that issue. 

The device that causes this blizzard activity is a remote for RC car. No-name, unfortunately. 

and can you guide me step by step what shall I do having this RF433 already in hands? 

Step by step (assuming you already have the dimmer connected to the app, and have the latest firmware on the dimmer - currently 3.5.0 - in the app, select the dimmer by clicking on the name line, (assuming you have already been to the settings page and already clicked through the information pages), click on the “...” circle at the top right, choose “settings”, look at the top row (should show 3.5.0), scroll down to bottom row (should show PSF-BLD-GL)) then:

- turn OFF the power to the dimmer

- wait 30 seconds (to ensure the dimmer is FULLY powered down)

- hold the RF remote next to the dimmer - touching is best
- turn ON the power to the dimmer; immediately (within 5 seconds) press and HOLD one of the buttons on the remote. I always use the top left “ON” button. The dimmer should emit one beep. If no beep, start the whole sequence again.

- wait two minutes. This step is not in the instructions, but I have found it helps make the pairing more likely to succeed.

- use the remote to turn the bulb on and off using the top left and top right buttons, to prove it is paired.

- now just wait and see if the ghost switching returns. Mine generally starts within 5-30 minutes.

- if it is still ghost switching, de-pair the remote by pressing and holding the bottom left button until the dimmer beeps. Start the whole sequence again. Repeat as often as needed until the ghost switching stops (four of my dimmers took 3 or 4 attempts, one dimmer took 17!).

Top tip: if you have more than one dimmer using the same remote, power it/them off whilst pairing the next one to avoid de-pairing one(s) already working. Be aware that powering each dimmer back on carries the risk of it messing up the pairing within the first 5 seconds - I had one dimmer beep (suggesting it had paired with “something else” (that didn't exist, I was in a shielded room)) and ghost switching can return if you are unlucky. It shouldnt happen, but I had it, so it is possible. Power them back on one at a time, and WAIT in between. I suspect there are RF emissions from the dimmer (or electrical circuit) that can interfere with each other. Patience is everything with these dimmers!

I hope that works for you. Let us know how it goes.

I borrowed this r Remote from a friend

I turned off the power and turned it on again, the dimmer entered RF pairing mode, you need to hold one of the buttons for about 5s until we get a double signal from the device. From that moment nothing turns on by itself


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