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D1 switches on its own

My D1 Dimmer Module, controlled by Android app eweLink, switches on its own - apart from the timers set in the app. I already reinstalled and paired the D1 module without success.

Pairing had be difficult, too. My 9th attempt in Quick Pairing mode was successful, but did not solve the problem of randomly switching.

25 people have this problem

Cheers Robbz, thats one of the many things I (and a few others) have tried; at best it seems to be an unreliable fix, as whilst it may work for you and a few others, it certainly doesn't work for all of us. I am still in contact with ITEAD support to try to get a proper fix.

I’ve had them de-paired and re-paired seven or eight times, and with pulling the circuit fuse to re-power it to enable re-pairing, it got really tedious, especially when they don't always re-pair first time. I think it even worked for a day when I did it one time, but them really p!ssed me off when it started again; I too thought it had worked, but it was playing with me.

For anyone experiencing the problem, by all means try it, but dont be too surprised if it still does its own switching, and please post your results - the more information on success and failure we get, the better we can help resolve this properly.


I have the same issue. Two Sonoff D1 controlling a led lamp and sometimes lights up by itself. I tried multiple configurations but always the same issue. 

SONOFF guys! are you there?

Jeroen -> Yay, glad it worked for you too :)

I havent had any ghost switching for several weeks now, but I have noticed one of the dimmers doesnt always respond to the remote control. That is solved by holding the buttons down for about half a second. One dimmer seems to respond with just a very short "click" on the switch, but the other seems to need to receive the signal for longer. 

It is such a shame they are not more robust in set-up and operation, as the circuit design, isolation and protection is all actually pretty good. I am also impressed with the latest app, as you can now set scenes to turn lights on at sunset at ANY location. I have mine set to come on when the sun sets in Amsterdam, which is about 15 minutes East of where the dimmers are, so the lights come on BEFORE it gets too dark. 

Hi, The answer I've got from Sonoff so you need a RM 433 : This problem is caused by the reason that it's interfered by the RF signal. Please try to clear the RF code. 1. Please long-press the clear button of RM433 for 5s until you hear "Bi-Bi" and release, then the remote controller is cleared successfully. If you need to use, short press any button within 5s after powering on again and you will hear"Bi", which indicates the remote controller is paired successfully. 2. Please check if you set up a schedule, scene or third-party software, if yes, please disable these settings to check if the product can work normally. Regards,

I am using them with home-assistant and google assistant...

After a long press of the remote control buttons to smoothly adjust the brightness of the lamp, false turns on by ghosts occur
I have the same problem with Sonoff Dimmer D1, how is possible such big company to not respond to the demands of their customers We NEED a firmware upgrade to Fix D1 Bugs. please ask Sonoff to send a firmware upgrade so not forget the people than spend money on your products
I live in a remote area away from all the usual RF interference. I have 2 D1 dimmers and paired remotes. I get the same ghost switching as everybody else. I have tried swapping the remotes. I have tried new routers. I have tried different IP addresses. I have run them without connection to the internet. Nothing solves the problem. They are now trashed. I swapped them for Smart Life products i.e. Tuya and they, like all my other systems, connect easily and have never given any problems. I can control them flawlessly at home or away and they seem to work with App even if my phone is connected to 5g frequencies.
I'm sorry to see so many people with the same problem I previously experienced. Yes there is quite often a problem pairing the D1 dimmer, and the confirmation that you are going to have a problem with ghost switching, is when you don't hear the "Beep" sound to confirm that pairing has been effectively completed. ITEAD is Notoriously bad at supporting people who have this problem, and instructions are also extremely unclear. I found a third party instruction on the internet, which was very clear and helpful in this regard, and assisted me in pairing the D1 dimmer properly to eradicate the ghost switching. You may have to repeat the third party process several times, as they do warn you, to ensure that you hear the "Beep" from the D1 dimmer itself, to ensure that it is paired properly.

везде брак!

The guys from Sonoff do not want to fix the problem of turning on the D1 Dimmer by ghosts, they suggest that you contact the seller of these lame, expensive products for support, and the seller does not care about this problem. The seller for the sale of dimmers received income and was happy to fuck up this problem and Sonoff, they are already bought by those who do not know about this problem... I wonder if other products from Sonoff are the same expensive poop?

Quick question to anyone who still has the ghost switching problem; how far apart were your D1, RF433 (if used) and Wifi hub, both
- when initially paired together, and also 

- during operation, if different?

I’m working on a theory about the gain control in the RF circuit, which might be linked to the distance between components during either pairing or operation.

I initially paired my 2 D1s with their 2 remotes just out of the box after power and lamp connections.
No app installed yet, so no wifi connection.
Distance D1-remote when pairing no more than 30 cm.
Remotes were correctly working.
But a lot of ghost switching-on on both....

The second attempt many weeks after....
D1s were already registered in the app and correctly responding to commands (from app and Alexa), and Wifi connected.
One by one, un-paired the remotes, restarted the D1s and re-paired.
After that procedure no more ghost switching-on.
Since then there was also a firmware update but my D1s keep working correctly.


Excellent info Dr Kildare :). Thanks. When I’ve completed all my tests, and maybe identified a cause, I’ll report my findings. No point going off half-cocked.

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