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D1 switches on its own

My D1 Dimmer Module, controlled by Android app eweLink, switches on its own - apart from the timers set in the app. I already reinstalled and paired the D1 module without success.

Pairing had be difficult, too. My 9th attempt in Quick Pairing mode was successful, but did not solve the problem of randomly switching.

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The guys from Sonoff do not want to fix the problem of turning on the D1 Dimmer by ghosts, they suggest that you contact the seller of these lame, expensive products for support, and the seller does not care about this problem. The seller for the sale of dimmers received income and was happy to fuck up this problem and Sonoff, they are already bought by those who do not know about this problem... I wonder if other products from Sonoff are the same expensive poop?


Тоже включается случайным образом, есть информация, что нужно очистить память Диммера от прописанных ранее пультов (нужен пульт). Или выпаять резисторы, если не планируется использование пульта

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After remove the resistors R6 R7 R8 R9 + R11 R12 R13 R14 it work fine!

R6 R7 R8 R9 + R11 R12 R13 R14 removed, let's see how it goes

Hi all

I tried a solution that was commented in other post. To fix the issue you must remove the resistors R6 R7 R8 R9 + R11 R12 R13 R14. I just do modification...

Hi, The answer I've got from Sonoff so you need a RM 433 : This problem is caused by the reason that it's interfered by the RF signal. Please try to clear the RF code. 1. Please long-press the clear button of RM433 for 5s until you hear "Bi-Bi" and release, then the remote controller is cleared successfully. If you need to use, short press any button within 5s after powering on again and you will hear"Bi", which indicates the remote controller is paired successfully. 2. Please check if you set up a schedule, scene or third-party software, if yes, please disable these settings to check if the product can work normally. Regards,


I have the same issue. Two Sonoff D1 controlling a led lamp and sometimes lights up by itself. I tried multiple configurations but always the same issue. 

SONOFF guys! are you there?

After 8 months still the same problem Hello Sonoff!

Had the same issue and tried all the solutions I could google. Ghost switching problem finally solved after several weeks and several attempts. Bought a new one and replaced it. Its working fine now, like the other two I have at home. My conclusion is that it is not a software problem, its hardware.

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Got it. I had the same issues with the neutral wire until I rewired my house. I do not have any false switching as of yet but your feed has made me be aware that it may happen. Time will tell. If you are unhappy with the D1 units but still want smart wifi control and remote control switching I have installed a system here which works without fault. You will need power at the light from the rose. You will need to change your light switch to a push switch (easy swap) to turn on your lights and use it as a dimmer. The cost is about the same but you will lose the preset dimmer levels on the RM remote but you can have many remotes as they are basically battery powered RF wall switches the same size as the RM but easier to use in my opinion

Robert Spary: yes, the no neutral is a PITA for UK wiring. However, when the bulbs are on, there is both live and neutral at the fitting. So, I have a dimmer at each fitting, and leave the light switch hard wired on (I use a connector block). This leaves power and neutral at the fitting to power the dimmer, and then the dimmers control whether the bulbs comes on.

A variation I have also adopted is to leave the original light switch in place, but switched on, with a piece of clear tape to stop me accidentally turning it off. I am finding that makes it easier to reset the wifi remote after a power outage, as I can isolate individual pairs, rather than hitting the circuit breaker for the whole lighting circuit (which also affects the dimmers that may be working, and risks them reverting to ghost switching again). It does mean I cant fit the remote in the light switch position, but for the convenience given my recent spate of power outage chaos, its been worth it.

Andrew.owens Just read your feed to Chris. Can I ask where you placed your 2 D1 units if you are controlling a pair of lights in a room? You also said you have no neutral at the wall switch so how is this all connected?

Chris B; yes, broadly.

You may have to pair with the remote, unlink and re-pair a couple (or more!) times, but they tend to work well once they're working. After a few months, I still have a problem as I've had a couple of times when the main power board to my house trips, and that throws two of mine back to square one regularly. Then I have to go through the process again, and in attempting to re-pair those two I sometimes cause the others to start playing up, but perseverance pays off. I think my main problem is because I have mine in pairs as each room has two light fittings (and I cant wire them with one dimmer for each pair of lights, as there is no neutral at the switch point); that means I have to power cycle both in a pair to re-pair the dimmer that broke in the original power outage, and that sometimes leads me into a cycle of fixing one and breaking the other, until they both decide to play nicely. 

just to check,  I have 8 of these d1. if I get a remote and pair we should be ok?

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