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What products support LAN usage.

Hi all I’m new to the Home Automation scene and wanted to understand specifically about LAN versus WAN enabled devices. From what I understand the LAN based devices communicate with the local router only then sends the control signal to the target device. This means (as I understand it) that the LAN control signal does not involve the Wide Area Network or “Internet”. This way it takes the load off the bandwidth to the home. The downside of this is we can’t control devices when away from home, I.e not on the same LAN. Is my understanding correct? If this is right I think it could be a way of reducing lag times as the journey to the cloud is cut out. Anyway what I was wondering is if there is a list of all Sonoff divides which are configurable to LAN use? Thanks Mick C
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Seems the LAN Control is buggy!
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