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humidity sensor show wrong value


I have tried to set up a th10 to control the fan in the bathroom.

The humidity reading says 70% (RH) .

If I set up another sonoff th10 it show 56% . ( both are in in the bathroom)

That's 14% difference in humidity.'which one is correct? 

Are any of them showing a correct value? 

How do I find out?

I know

I have to buy a humidity sensor more, that i KNOW is precise.. and write down reading variations compared to real life.. but seriously it is not very smart..

A calibration button is missing !! or .... just a better accuracy  in the sensors.

I, by the way also have same problems with temperature sensors..

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Bonjour, J’ai le même problèmes avec mes TH16 pour la température depuis la mise à jour 3.4.0
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