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Sonoff T1 US does not pair

Sonoff T1 was working, no problem. It then went offline. Couldn't get it online again. After failing to get it online I deleted it & tried to add it back. No luck after multiple tries, both Quick & Compatible. The WiFi LED blinks once every 15 or 20 seconds. Please help, this particular switch controls my perimeter security lights

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i have the same problem! the touch does not respond. running the latest firmware on all of them.

customer service thinks i am lying even after sending them videos and telling them to contact me via wechat, skype, whatspp or telegram... so i can show them in real time videos.

because i purchased several units... 4 went bad, they sent me replacement, and now 4 more went bad... and they dont want to believe!!!

youtube videos showing current situation. i will record another one today showing the new units they sent me, these are working.


Your second video is EXACTLY my problem. The switch does not get into pairing mode. I have tried everything. How do I get in touch with the support team? I need a resolution

Any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve my problem? Support team !!!!

sonoff customer service REFUSES to give me a decent option to help me... even tough my products are all under a one year warranty still.

they want me to ship my switches back to China, but they are ont considering that shipping from Brazil to China is very expensive.

we are quarantined at this time... so i went online and did simulation, took picture of the screen and showed customer service, the price of the shipping was 200 brazilian reais, almost half of the price if i were to purchase again!

i asked them to ship them back to a brazilian wharehouse but the rep tells me they dont have one! but when we buy from aliexpress store, many times there were options to receive the item from a brazilian wharehouse.

unbelieve this customer service... no sense at all!

tech support doesnt do anything! i have opened a ticket since the aliexpress rep wasnt helping much.

i need a second opinion!

they think i lie... because i had 4 units going bad... then sent 4 replacements and then after 5 units went bad!

i proved with video but they rep doesnt believe me!!!

very bad customer service!



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