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Need help installing Sonoff basic 2 on my sliding garage door

Hello there. I would like some help please on how to connect my sonoff basic 2 device to control my sliding garage door remotely.

I am attaching you with photos of my main controller (BFT is the brand of the ΜΑΙΝ controller which came originally when bought the motor). The main controller is connected to another external controller (see the last two pictures) so I can use other controllers rather than the original ones (BFT ones). Can you please help me out figure it out on how to install my sonoff basic 2 device? Where should I install it and what settings should I use in the ewelink app. 

Thanks a lot for your time.

(422 KB)
(466 KB)
(237 KB)
(211 KB)
(247 KB)
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Can someone please help me figure it out?

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