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repeated failure of entire 4CH Pro module

I have three 4CH Pro R2 modules installed in a small cabinet for a project I'm currently working at. 

They are supposed to control the lighting system. I installed them about 4 weeks ago, connected all the loops (max 150W output each channel)  and all looked fine after testing.

I left the modules powered up but no current was drawn over the modules in that time since the place is still under construction.

One week ago I noticed that one module isn't working anymore and replaced it with spare. Now today the two other modules are "dead".

The WiFi LED flashes occasionally and the single channels can't be activated even trying the switch buttons.

Here in Thailand the ambient temp. is around 35-38 degC where the box is located.

Are this modules not made to be permanently powered up (which wouldn't make sense at all) or does the cabinet need some air ventilation?

Has anyone made similar experience?

Thanks & Best regards,


I have the same problem: nothing works only the wifi led flashes every 15/20 seconds. Lot of email with customer service (video, photos, ecc...) and the answer is "they are broken". I tried flashing another firmware and it worked. It isn't a hardware failure it is a problem of the firmware. Unfortunatly there isn't a "recovery firmware" you can upload in the 4ch pros to make them work again: you have to send them back to te seller or using another firmware...

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Hi Renzo,

thanks a lot for this valuable input. I'll give it a try to flash the firmware. Which version did you use or you just flashed them new with the current firmware?

Best regards,


Hello. I have a problem with 4CH Pro. After I connect it to 230V, it switches on (blue food lights on permanently), but after several seconds the module switches off and doesn't react even to the buttons. I have tried several times to switch it on and off. The results is the same. This module worked for almost 3 years without any problems. Please, tell me what I have to do.
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