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Sonoff DIY wont flash

 I have a Sonoff R3 DIY module that will not flash.

I have my pc as well as the module connected to my hotspot.

Here is my error. And the log file.

刷新 eWeLink_10008fd245._ewelink._tcp.local. 的信息 长度 379 ServiceInfo(type='_ewelink._tcp.local.', name='eWeLink_10008fd245._ewelink._tcp.local.', address=b'\xc0\xa8+\xd6', port=8081, weight=0, priority=0, server='eWeLink_10008fd245.local.', properties={b'txtvers': b'1', b'id': b'10008fd245', b'type': b'diy_plug', b'apivers': b'1', b'seq': b'1', b'data1': b'{"switch":"off","startup":"off","pulse":"off","pulseWidth":500,"rssi":-22}'})
10008fd245 >>> {'ip': '', 'port': '8081', 'switch': False, 'startup': 'off', 'pulse': False, 'pulseWidth': 500, 'rssi': -22}


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