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eWelink scenes


3 feature requests linked to eWelink scenes:

  1. I would like to have the possibility to trigger a gang on the same switch as the one I'm pressing. In the scenes when you chose a 3-gangĀ  switch in the condition, the action can't be perform on the same switch. Use case would be that a 3 gang switch is linked to 2 lights: first gang to turn on/off light A, second gang to turn on/off light B, and third gang to turn on/off lights A+B
  2. Also, would it be possible to use recursive scenes. Tipycally, when a scene triggers a action, and the action is also the trigger of a scene, it should trigger this scene too, which isn't the case today. Use case in the attached file: I have 2 scenes: The first scene is if I press switch 2 gang 1 it will on the switch 1 gang 1 and the light. The second scene is if I press switch 1 gang 2 it will on swith 2 gang 1. But that doesn't trigger the first scene
  3. Probably more complicated to implement but it would be gret to have the possibility to have OR and AND in the conditions. Such as: if this is on or that is on then do this. This would also mean to have the possibility to have same components to be reused in the actions. Use case is: two switches used for the same light. If switch A is on or switch B is on, then on switch A and on switch B. That would be more simple than creating 2 actions: if switch A is on then on switch B; and if switch B is on then on switch A

Thanks a lot in advance for taking that into consideration

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Also one more thing around that: it would be great if we can add 1 gang of a specific switch to a group instead of a whole switch.

Thanks !


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