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Sonoff USB Micro doesn't pair

I got two pieces of a brand new product: Sonoff Micro.

I am now trying to pair Sonoff Micro with eWeLink, and both devices fail to pair with my Android eWeLink 3.14.1. Other Sonoff devices pair without problems.

After connecting to USB, both devices LED flashes quickly for 3 minutes.

When trying to pair with QR, I get:

Connect device ✓

Get device info

And it fails: Pairing failed, Cannot find device

When trying Quick pairing or Compatibility pairing, both of them find the device, but then the pairing never finishes.

When trying to connect manually to the Sonoff WiFi, there is a problem: eWeLink says that I should use password "12345678". But both my Sonoff Micro have open AP without password.

Clicking to Network diagnostics show three times OK.

I tried to debug the problem, and it seems that Sonoff USB Micro is sold with a different firmware incompatible with eWeLink.

Other devices in Compatibility mode create a WiFi AP with password 12345678, with IP addresses (Sonoff) and (phone). After running eWeLink, I see the device connection to my router. returns JSON with deviceid, apikey, accept and chipid chunks.

But both Sonoff Micro devices behave differently: they create an open AP without password, with IP addresses (Sonoff) and (phone). I see no attempt to connect to my WiFi router after running eWeLink. returns JSON with "data" chunk only.

{"data":"IcE6R ... long string skipped ... O2x"}

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem? How to proceed? I already opened a ticket, but I don't have any reply yet.

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I now have 6 USB micro , by just turning of the mobile data , whole pairing process works like a charm

did not help :-(

Is your WiFi 2GHz or 5GHz

I have both, 2,4 & 4. I know about that, i have more devices sonoff/ewelink. But just this one make me a problems :-(

2,4 & 5, sorry for typing error 

11 th channel works!!!

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