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GK-200MP2-B Camera RTSP recording but tilt commands?

Hello, I just purchased this camera and found that it is RTSP compatible and there are some options to create our NVR after some research I finally made it make my own NVR project and I can record, motion detect and summarize videos. 

but I would like to extend the capabilities beyond video recording as it could be to tilt and pan the camera based on detected movements. 
is there a manual for sending commands to the camera?? 

thanks in advance 

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I am using Blue Iris with this camera, but cannot utilize the PTZ controls of the camera.  Blue Iris allows the customization of the  PTZ commands, but I would need the commands documented.

If this camera does support the RTSP protocol, please provide the documentation to support PTZ.

Thank you

can you please answer ian brown's question above in the forum?  i have the exact same issue.  if you would let us figure out how to make pan/tilt work with this wonderful camera you would have 1000's more sales...  standing by


I did get a response from Sonoff, they said that the PTZ operation is not supported using the RTSP protocol in their camera.

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Ian dunno if there’re is a way to programmatically send commands to camera to control PTZ .. It would be nice if not by RTSP but by the proprietary protocol to allow our automation projects to pan and tilt
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