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Sonoff big problem Tx model

I bought tx model 80 pcs. It’s real story. I pair all sonoff devices to bind with my wifi it all done after a month. My customer change wifi router password it make sonoff device offline I understand this point but the surprising is our customer cannot touch anything, some device can touch but not smooth, some device has to change ( i try to cut the power and open the power again it’s not work). I have to change 50 pcs to our customer. I think this problem is so bigggggg. Everyone can try to pair then change wifi router and open it a month you will see this problem . If someone found this problem and can resolve pls tell me because this problem make my business loss. Thank you so much.
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I have the same problem after leaving the devices T2US3C without wifi network for a week (new house).

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Hi Did find out how to fix it ? I bought 20 units and at least 5 the touch stop working and I can’t pair's a tx problem
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