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Safety issues with all of my Sonoff S26 Smart Switches. Normal?

I have purchased nine Sonoff S26 Smart Switches. They all came with QC Pass stickers. However, when I checked them myself, I found numerous problems:

* Frayed mains wires where they are crimped onto the contacts
* Cold or otherwise bad solder joints for mains wires, some of them making bad contact
* Relays soldered in incorrectly at strange angles. I'm surprised the secondary winding makes contact with the board at all
* Lots of leftover flux which may be bad for reliability in the long run
* One of the solder joints has a huge bridge, almost bridging across the fuse

Have anyone else in the community opened up theirs and checked? Are these kinds of flaws normal for Sonoff products? I opened a case with support 16 days ago, but haven't seen any response yet.

(763 KB)
(863 KB)
(801 KB)
(793 KB)
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Para que sirve el puente que viene en una bolsita en el sonoff mini
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