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Toggle button for RF bridge

Hello, i like to have a toggle button in the RF bridge menu.

so i can turn On and OFF a licht,socket, or something else with 1 button.

and i want to like to see it work in google home to, so when i make a scene that i torn ON and OFF 3 socets als also can add my philips hue light in this scene in google home.

thnak you, i don't think it is a very difficult feature but it will solve many problems for a lot of people.

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Click ON / Click OFF  A very desirable feature .. My single button 433mhz switches work this way, but to work through the RF bridge, I have to have TWO buttons programmed, one for ON, the other For Off.  And they have to be configured as Alarms.

A toggle feature would be of great value.  

There is so much potential in the Sonoff System, I hope to see features added soon that provide that value.

Fantastic idea. I hope they adopt it!

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