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door bell

Anyone know a door bell from banggood that works with the Sonoff bridge, preferably a plug in receiver. ive got one made by Byron and is the wrong protocol. thanks

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I could not find one that worked with the eWelink app, so went for a V7 instead, which works well for me, but would change it if I could find one that works with eWelink. Same situation with the vacuum cleaners. Hopefully they will add more stuff as time goes on, they do seem quite progressive.
Yes I couldn't get any of mine to work either. What's the V7 that Tony Hales mentioned above?
It's a doorbell that works with the LiveHome app (not sure if I can post a link here), widely available from the Chinese suppliers. It works fine for me apart from the motion sensor (which I don't need), as I have a tree in front of it, but would be better if it worked with eWelink. Just Google V7 Doorbell and you will find it.
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