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Connection of 2gang switch with no neutral wire

I've tried 2gang sonoff switch connection with no neutral wire proposed by @sshRage and it worked well when each line of the switch turned on separately (2 led bulbs 7w each and 3 led bulbs 7 w each) but when I try to turn on both lines L1 and L2 sonoff switch resets due to lack of current directed into it I suppose. I useed 4.7mf capacitor . When I try to connect 5.4mf capacitor (4.7+0.68 in parallel) line with capacitor L1 don't turn on at all whereas line L2 without capacitor works Scheme by @sshrage is in attachment
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Issue was resolved. I tried to reduce capacitors overall capacity to approximately 2.3 mF and used as neutral line for switch one that contained 3 led bulbs. All works perfectly. For solution with main line of 8 7wt led bulbs and secondary at 25 wt I used 2 capacitors of 4.7mf each connected in parallel. Also works great. Checked temperature of a switch with flir camera and it was at 30 degree Celcius under full load so 600V capacitors don't heat up significantly.
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