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External switch(push button) with sonoff pow r2 possible?

Hi, How can we connect any external push button with sonoff pow r2,is that even possible? Should I solder any gpio pin,if yes which one. Some say gpio1 some say gpio1. Or should i solder the header contacts as marked with red boundary of the attached image. The contacts are confusing, some say top right and top left. Some say otherwise. The push button looks something like this(attached) ,and will be used over a ip 65 rated electric box.

I would solder it from the bottom to the same place as the button. Simply from the bottom of the board the wires will lead to another button.
Apologize. Could you please provide some more clarity on your suggestions?


Two issues;

First, the button you use must be open contact, the one shown in the image is possibly closed contact (pulsating black color and not red).

Second, if you use the wiring of the button next to other cables of the electrical network, you will have problems. Better use an optocoupler and it will work better for you.

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