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All 6 Sonoff T1 switches failed after a year!!!

I had invested in 6 sonoff switches for my new house. Strangely all of them started failing after exactly a year. This is a huge disappointment for me. Looks like there is self destruct code built in to the system. There is no way every switch can fail within a span of a month. Please help me immediately. It makes no sense for to keep buying new switches every year. Might stay away from Sonoff switches instead. There is no way to bring them back to wifi connect mode too by doing a long press of button. The blue light just flashes after an interval of 1 minute. The touch buttons also do not function. So the switch is a complete waste for me now. I am hoping for a solution for this problem quickly without having to replace all my devices. Have raised a ticket as well about this if you want the exact model, device ID and firmware version. Also attached is the photo of one of the switches.

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Eu tenho esse mesmo problema. Alguém poderia ajudar?

I have the same problem. Can anybody answer?

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