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Motion sensor pir

Hi can anyone help I have a few sonoff products on the ewelink app I'm trying to find a pir motion sensor to switch them on. The only one I can find is the sonoff RF bridge with 433mhz motion pir, can this switch on a WiFi only sonoff basic or does it only work with 433mhz sonoff basic rf? Also if I buy a pir that works with the Tuya smart life app is it possible to switch on sonoff products through Alexa app? Thanks in advance Mike

The Sonoff pir can communicate with the rest of the Sonoff products via the RF bridge so yes it can turn on/off WiFi smart switches via the scene function in the ewelink app.
Thanks for the info does it also show up in the Alexa app to trigger routines?
Hi. I don’t have a bridge. I’d like a pure WiFi PIR, compatível with EWeLink, like a lot e have around for smart life or TuyaSmart. Do anybody here knows of some ? Thanks
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