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Sonoff S26 New router paired now wont connect and offline

Installed a new router yesterday and now my three  S26 will not connect via wifi.

They have paired and have the latest firmware but none of them will now connect to the new router? I have been through all the settings in the router but nothing?

I have deleted them and repaired. I have created new accounts and repaired with new email address but nothing will get them to reconnect to the new router wifi?

Hey, im having this exact problem. Did you find any way around it? I got a new router and all my sonoffs won't talk. I feel like I've tried everything.
Same problem. To save having to change all my wifi devices, i set the new router ssid and password the same as the old on. Every device other than the 8 Sonoffs connected fine. They include a blitzwolf ir transmitter, many phones, android tablet, ipad, google home mini, amazon echo, firestick, chromecast and laptop. The only way a sonoff device will connect is if i change the ssid, but then i'll have to change all the other devices. Come on Sonoff, sort this out. I tried changing the ssid on the old router and re connected ok, using a new ssid on the new router and connected ok. But whenever i go back to the original ssid on the new router, it doesn't work.

I had the same problem yesterday!
I got another router and trying to connect my two S26 sockets to it. The application could not find anything!
Somewhere I read that they managed to do it by trying through another device (mobile, etc.).
I did it and it worked!
At first I tried unsuccessfully on my Xiaomi mobile and then it worked on my Samsung tablet!
I still do not know if this problem is due to the Xiaomi company or the SOnOff company.

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