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Connect Sonoff Basic R3 to a wall power on/off switch


I am connecting a Sonoff Basic R3 to a wall power on/off switch. The wall switch is act as a power switch for the Sonoff Basic R3. Is there any problem if I power off the Sonoff Basic R3 everyday at the morning and power on it at night ? Will the frequent power cycle damage the Sonoff Basic R3 ? Thank you.

It might be better to use the ewelink app to schedule your output times. 

Please also check the voltage at the output when the output is set to off. Mine shows around 1 to 6 volts making it dangerous to work on.


What is the point of installing a SonOff Basic and disconnecting it by Switch.

In theory nothing should happen, but ...

Better not to do it.

I think its not possible. 

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