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How to use LAN mode?

I have several Sonoff devices (Mini, Basic an Basic RF). All of them are LAN enabled and connected to the same WiFi. 

In eWeLink, I have several scenarios  where one device control another. For example: if I turn on/off one device, it also turns on/off another device. 

My WiFI router is 4G. Sometimes it happens, that internet are not available.

If internet is not available, then scenarios doesn't work.

If I enable LAN mode in eWeLink, it says, Connected to 0 devices on LAN. In that case I can switch on/off devices.

My question Is: how can I use Sonoff with all scenarios in LAN mode (when router has no internet access)?


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Hello, armaster! I don't get the Sonoff Basic RF working in LAN Control when the Internet connection is out. I tried reopen the E-WeLink but no change. For my test I disconnect the coaxial cable of the ADSL modem that also is the WiFi router. Which are your exact steps to have the LAN Control working for your devices? At beginning I am not interested in scenarios. I want just to do ON/OFF with no Internet. All software is updated. E-WeLink and firmware.

I also noticed that all my scenarios would not work if my wifi router lost internet connections.  I suspect that the features of scenarios require internet connections to ewelink servers.  To prove this,  I blocked Sonoff devices from internet access in my router,  all scenarios didn't work immediately while basic on/off controls were still working.  When I unblocked the devices,  all scenarios came to work again.   It seems that all the rules set in scenarios are executed on ewelink's remote servers.  

Too bad this valuable scenario setting feature doesn't work in LAN control mode.

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