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Sonoff wont connect to Internet

I've just bought a Sonoff POWR2 and spent all afternoon within 2m of a Wifi access point trying to get it to pair with ewelink on my Samsung S8, just before I would have given up and sent it back, it paired and I named the Sonoff in the app. The notes in the app mentioned 4 led states to look for if it was not on steady. 2 flashes is what I got which the notes say means its connected to the router but not the ewelink server, I.e. no internet. However the notes give no clues how to fix this if all the faults they do mention, don't apply. Any suggestions?
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UPDATE: Could the default network name be ESP_B81CDF. Also, what the address of the server to which the Sonoff is trying to connect. Is it If so it's offline.

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