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Temp Sensor with TP-Link Smart Plug


I already have 3 TP-Link Smart Plugs to control some  heaters around the house.

I have bought a Sonoff TH16 with a temp/humidity sensor.

the sensor reports the temperature/humidity fine (Although i had to make the hole on the side slightly bigger)

but what i want to do is If the Temp is lower than 19 then turn a heater on.  

The heater is plugged into a TP-Link Smart Plug so i dont want to hardwire this into the sonoff, as i get more flexibility using the smart plugs.

the TP Link app works fine, and scenes etc. and i use IFTTT.  But i can not see an option on IFTTT for the temp sensor so if the temp is lower than 19 then turn the smart plug on?

Can you assist in getting this working

You won't see the temperature at ifttt. You only need to make a temperature scene in eWelink. So I recommend to buy Power R2 where it will measure your consumption.

what will measuring the consumption achieve?  I want to know if the temperature goes below a certain point and if it does then turn a heater on which is plugged into a TP link Smart plug /  Or use Nest to turn my heating on.

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