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Make the BASICZBR3 support Zigbee 3.0 via custom Z-Stack 3 firmware

@ITead, I would like to request that you consider using the latest custom Z-Stack firmware by the Zigbee2mqtt project developers (available from Koenkk on GitHub) as a base for a open-source firmware in all Sonoff products that use Zigbee that are based on Zigbee chips from Texas Instruments, (which includes Sonoff BASICZBR3 according to a teardown blog).

The latest custom Z-Stack firmware from supports Zigbee 3.0 (which includes support for the Zigbee Light Link application layer profile and using the ZLL profile instead of the current ZHA profile would make Sonoff Zigbee devices more compatible with popular home automation gateways/hubs/bridges such as Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri).

As I understand Sonoff BASICZBR3 uses a CC2530 or CC2531 Zigbee chip from Texas Instruments and as such probably has an older version of Z-Stack firmware, but the latest custom Z-Stack firmware by Koenkk also supports CC2530 and CC2531 chips, meaning that the custom Z-Stack firmware from Koenkk could probably be modified for your needs

Maybe also upgrade the chip to CC2538 (in combination with CC2592) or the newest CC2652R as those chips much faster and contains much more memory than the older CC2530/CC2531. For more information on that see these two links below:

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Zi8gbee 3,0 & compatibility with the Philips Hue hub would be great, as virtually all home automation platforms & more than one controller can control it, no workarounds 

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