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Disable Sonoff PIR2

SONOFF PIR2 needs functionality to temporarily turn OFF the PIR2 when users are at home, like alarm systems do when disarmed. And turn PIR2 ON when users leave the premises like the alarm systems do when the alarm is “Armed”. I’ve seen a lot of discussion about how to disable alerts from PIR2 when users are at home. There are some tricks instead of a simple built-in functionality. But the whole approach to just hide the alerts is dumb and quite unexpected from a company that managed to get as much market share as SONOFF with the PIR2. Wouldn’t it be smarter to put the PIR2 in some kind of a sleep mode (stand by) and disable wasting energy on motion detection and LED flashing and sending RF alerts to begin with? Why waste the most energy exactly when people are actually home, wasting the most of the battery on useless alerts? Instead, when on Stand-By, the PIR 2 should not waste any battery energy on detection and transmission and LED except waiting for just one “wake-up” RF signal. If you do things smarter, making it a lot better for consumers (while it costs you next to nothing!) your product satisfaction and customer loyalty will go up, ultimately giving you more business, more volume and more profits. It’s a win-win. Hello SONOFF and ITEAD, are you listening? Hello Sonoff and Itead’s COMPETITORS, are you listening?

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