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IFTTT: trigger when sonoff device goes offline

 Hello, I have created a Wi-Fi thermostat using a pair of sonoff relays connected through EweLink scenes. The problem is that sometimes the sonoff relay attached to the boiler goes offline and therefore the system does not work anymore. I know why it goes offline: it is the power supply that I use for it, that sometimes drops the voltage. I know also how to recover: it is enough to switch-off and on again the power supply. To do that I placed a Sonoff 220V relay to supply the power supply. When the sonoff relay is offline it is enough to briefly power it down and up again using the other sonoff.

Unfortunately this is a manual operation and I wanted to automate it using IFTT, but I realized you can create trigger events only when a sonoff goes on or off.

What I would need is to create an IFTTT "scene" like this:


- sonoff relay #1 goes offline


- power off and on again sonoff relay #2

The latter power cycle can be done using the sonoff relay#2 in inching mode


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