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4ch Pro R2

Hi, I have been told by support that the 4ch Pro R2 will pass 5v through to devices attached to the relays if powered by a DC input. Is this true ? I want to connect usb 5v devices to 2 of the switches - one will be always on, one will be timed. Is this possible ?

Why not? Do you have any reasons not to trust words of the support team. In my experience custom writing support team always was very helpful. 

Well I was right to not trust support - the 4ch Pro does not pass any voltage to through to power the devices attached. The input voltage is used for powering the relays only - I know this because I bought a 4ch and wired it up myself to test it. So if you are considering buying a 4ch pro the switched devices will also need separate power supplies.

have tried it and did get solved the issue? i was looking to do, just found your thread

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I connect the equipment to the power (230VAC) the WiFi led turns on for 4 to 5 seconds (don't blink), and then goes off without doing any action, I try connecting to 12VDC the situation happens the same.

In App doesn't pops us the equipment.

What can I do?

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