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How to use sonoff on wall light in described situation

 I have two lamps connecting to a 2gang switch, there are two cables coming from bottom(red&blue) there are 4 cables in total going to up two lamps both of them have a blue and black cables so in total there are 6 six cables in the system

All blue cables are connected to each other, red cable is coming from bottom and goes to switch, also two black cables coming from top are connected to two buttons of the switch

I want to disable one light and connect other to sonoff, what I want to ask is:

If I connect red cable to input-L of sonoff and get blue cable coming from bottom and connect it to input-N of sonoff then take blue cable of one light and connect it to output-N and black cable of same light to output-L of sonoff, does it work?

Also in a forum I've seen a recommendation to connect red cable coming from bottom to L-input, leave all blue cables connected to each other and paralelly connect another cable to blue ones and to connect other side of cable to N-input, then take black wire going up to lamp I want to control with sonoff and connect it to L-output of sonoff which will leave N-output of sonoff unused, is it ok and doable or should I go with my idea

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