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Power off and on WHEN Internet access is not available

I have a router that sometimes gets stucked and in order for it and all the devices in my home to work again I have to turn it off and on one sec. But when I'm not home I can't control any wand my ip cam stop working. I have thought I could connect a 12v sonoff with inching mode to comune and normally closed but if there is no Internet access I can't control my sonoff remotely. So here is my request. Can the sonoff understand when there is no Internet in order to turn it off and on with the inching mode?

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Nobody knows?

Actually you want a reversed Inching option in this case so that you can send a "turn off"  command to it and it automatically "turns on" again after a given time.

Yes but Only when WiFi access is not available. In that case I can't do it from remote.. It should be do it itself
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