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Mini - timing with a push button

I'm using a Sonoff Mini where I've connected to the S1/S2 a push button (not a switch) to turn on a light.

If I push the button too fast, it is not working.

If I push the button too slow, it turns on and off the light.

Is there a way to configure these timing?

U can't use it with a push button it's not made for it.

Ciao Claudio,

   I read this on the Sonoff leafleft. However, I tried to connect the MINI with a button (in the web there are some other guys doing the same).

Even if it is not made for it ... it is perfectly working ... but only if you push the button about 0,5 seconds.

As an alternative, I'm now studing to use the Sonoff 4Ch PRO R2 with radio transmitters triggered by my push buttons.

Federico.. Can u show me a video of a sonoff mini linked to a push button? If u push it. The current goes to the mini and it works if u release the button the mini ll go back to its original position. I thought it was impossible

I'm not sure of your question.

I've done this short video with my own "experiment" (before starting to change everithing at home).

As shown, it is doing what is needed: first push -> turn the light on, second push -> turn the light off.

However I still have the issues listed at the beginning of the thread (not shown in the video).

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