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Sonoff Zigbee

I see everywhere it mentions that it works with the Smartthings Hub - but Zigbee should be a standard and it should work with everything ?

Has anyone physically tried this unit on a hub?

SONOFF BASICZBR3 is the first SONOFF ZigBee DIY Smart Switch that connects SmartThings hub to control all the connected appliances via SmartThing APP on iOS/Android phones to access rooms, scenes, members or automations mode to build a smart house

Hi Grant,

I am currently using a mixture of Philips Hue bulbs and Osram lightify bulbs with a second generation Philips Hue hub.

I recently ordered a BASIC ZBR3 with the intention to use it with my existing system.  As soon as I get the device and complete my setup I let you know, but I don't expect any problems as the switch is per Zigbee standards.


Hi Oguz,

can you confirm that you were able to connect these devices to the hub?

Does anyone use Philips Hue pendant light with Sonoff?

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