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Sonoff b1 turns on by itself

Hi. I own 2 b1 smart bulbs and latelly I am facing an issue as they are turning on by themselfs. My first thought was that they loose their mains supply and as they power cycle they turn on to their last state. So I connected them to another e27 plug close to the router ( in case they loose wifi connection) but still they turn on randomly by themself. In addition when they turn on they are unresponsive to Alexa or through ewelink.This happens to both my bulbs so I guess it cannot be a hardware issue. Any ideas?

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Same problem for me.

Same problem here. I was thinking that the devices was losing the wifi connection, but there is no wifi coverage gap in the room where the smarts bulbs are located.

I resently setup home assistant and implemented the bulbs to the system without flashing them. I let them turned on throught out the night and checked their status log they where becoming unavailable multiple times throughout the night so it is definitely a matter of wifi disconnection. I use a sonoff basic on their power supplyto turn them on or off to eliminate unwanted light up and after they connect i set them to the desired color.
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