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Camera GK-200MP2-B

The camera is great. It would be a good idea to add the ability to record videos when there is motion in front of the camera and turn off the alarm notification. If I set motion detection, the videos are recorded while the alarm is triggered. Add the option to turn off the alarm and leave only recording by movement.

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Hi, is the alarm a sound alarm?

I have two cameras, one at the front door one at the side. I will be adding two more, Back and Garage. The motion detected warning on my cell (iPhone8)  does not tell me at which camera the motion was detected. Both warning alarm sounds, on the cell phone,  are the same. The text is the same. You must  open the alarm, which opens Ewelink, and refresh to see where the motion was detected. Even with the sensitivity set at low, false alarms are common. In my neighborhood, so are squirrels. It would be nice to know which camera detected motion. Either by a different caption, (say Motion detected at "camera name") or by setting a different alarm. 

To Franchesco.; there can bre an audible alarm on your phone or/and the camera. 

I cannot figure out how to delete local records, if there is a way!

I assume that when the card is full old files will be over-written? 

The  64 Gb card seems to have about 24 hours of files.  

Is there a way to download, or does one keep changing cards? 

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I've installed my Gk and DEFINITELY sonoff must upgrade this feature. I have SD card mounted and if we can't keep recording wihtout constant alarm this camera is useless.


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Yes, things like the shadows of leaves, blowing in the wind, during the day, or bugs, at night, set the alarm off. At night, a light turning on and off will set the alarm off.  Also its unclear if "Low" sensitivity is actually less sensitive or more sensitive. I think Low is the most sensitive position. At any rate, no matter where one sets the sensitivity its too high. 

It does make the alarm function useless.  I only turn mine on when I am expecting something/somebody. 

Has anyone figured out how to delete the videos from the local SD card?

SoFar, seems like,  swap the card. Same with copying to HD. 

Reference local records ,sorry mistype,  the card should work on 1st in last out basis but you can open ewelink app go to camera select settings and them format card 

About the alarm going off. Use a second account and share the camera. No alarm will sound and you still can observe.

You can turn off notifications in the app, the issue is the sensitivity of the notifications. Even the shadow of  leaves blowing in the wind will set off the alarm. Its just too sensitive. 

Scusate, qualcuno mi puo' spiegare perchè non riesco ad accoppiare questa cam con ewelink su  iphon?

Ne ho 3 e sono stati tutti ridotti quasi automaticamente

(Curtesy of Google )

I have a camera inside my garage. Its named "Garage inside". I also have a switch, controlling the garage door. Its called "A garage door".

This has been turned into a Siti short cut called "Garage Door".

Somehow the two got intermixed. The camera appeared on both the camera and the garage door switch, Seri no longer could open the door, although I could open it manually. I could not get to the switch to reset it and had to delete and reinstall the switch.  During this period I could not access any stored photos of movement in the garage. 

Once reinstalled and renamed to "North Garage Door" things are back to normal. 

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